Body & Face 250 ml

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The cream contains unique and sustainable coffee oil, which is extracted environmentally friendly from coffee grounds gathered in Copenhagen hotels and cafes.

Pasi贸n Self-Tanner is evenly distributed on the skin. The cream penetrates quickly, leaving your skin gradually聽beautifully tanned. It has a delicious scent and makes the lubrication an enjoyable experience.

The coffee oil has a high content of protective vitamin E. It is extremely rich in antioxidants, which counteract the signs of aging and increase the skin's tension. Lastly, it also contains one of the most well-documented moisturizing ingredients in the world - namely vegetable glycerin, which prevents drying out and binds moisture in the skin.

  1. Always use a scrubbing cream or scrubbing glove before using self-tanner. Then the skin becomes smooth and free of dead skin cells.

  2. Make sure you are completely dry before you start tanning yourself.

  3. Use eventually a moisturizing lotion before using self-tanner. In that case, apply it at least 15 minutes before.

  4. The first layer gives you a light toning and from here you build up your color as needed.

  5. For the second layer, wait a day or at least 4-5 hours. Then you can maintain your tan by lubricating yourself approx. twice a week.

Pasi贸n self-tanner is a "Gradual" Self-Tanner. This means that you build up a beautiful and natural tan skin over time and can apply several layers until you hit the color that suits your needs. In addition, Pasi贸n self-tanner holds ingredients that are extremely beneficial for your skin.

  1. Apply the self-tanner in a thin layer on your skin and face. Be aware of your eyes and mouth

  2. Apply it in a circular motion - starting from the top down or vice versa.锘

  3. Apply it just like when using lotion.

  4. Let it dry and penetrate the skin for 3-4 minutes.