The perfect
tan at home
Made from sustainable coffee oil

Pasión Copenhagen is a Danish cosmetic company, and our beauty products are produced and developed in Denmark. We focus on the behavior, well-being, benefits, and each ingredient is carefully selected. Our products contain a very sustainable and unique coffee oil, which is extracted in an environmentally friendly way from coffee grounds collected from Copenhagen hotels and cafes.

Coffee grounds are one of the world's largest waste products and at the same time a climate sinner. Once you have made a cup of coffee, 99% of the beneficial substances are still left. Therefore, we focus on how we can turn one of the big climate sinners into something positive and benefits from the coffee oil, as it provides extremely good care for the skin.

The secret recipe
Sustainable coffee oil

Purported health benefits that coffee oil may have for your skin: Cellulite reduction - Calming effects - Anti-aging benefits - Vitamin E and B3 for skin care  - Reduced inflammation - Acne treatment – After sun care.

The perfect
tan at home

Made from sustainable coffee oil

Fantastic Facts

Made in Denmark

Extracted coffee oil from recycled coffee grounds collected in Copenhagen and produced in Denmark. Your guaranty for quality.

Tanning guarantee (not orange)

You will get a healthy sun kissed looking skin from using our products.

Beneficial antioxidants

The coffee oil and vegetable glycerin in our products will care for your skin like no other.

No stains on clothes

Our self-tanner is easy to apply and do not leave any stains on your favorite clothes.